The Piney-Z lodge (also known as the clubhouse) features a large main room with hardwood floors, a full kitchen and restroom facilities. While the maximum standing occupancy is 111, for purposes of a seated event the occupancy is approximately 80. It is available for rent by residents and non-residents. Whether for bridal or baby showers, or for vow renewals, graduations, birthday, anniversary and holiday parties, the lodge can provide a perfect setting for what you have planned. A limited number of tables and chairs is available at no additional cost. Events are considered “carry in-carry out”, meaning you bring everything you will need (food, utensils, supplies, decorations, table cloths, etc.) and take it away when you leave.

The fee schedule, based on the number of participants, for a period of six hours, is:
Number of Participants Residents Non-Residents
1 to 25 $200 $250
26 to 50 $280 $350
51 to 111 $400 $500

A refundable cleaning/damage deposit of $500 (residents) or $750 (non-residents) is also required and due at the time of registration.

You are responsible for returning the facility to the condition in which you found it, including sweeping, mopping, cleaning of the kitchen, etc. You are also expected to take down the folding chairs and return them to the area of the lodge in which they are stored. Trash must be bagged, tied and carried out the rear door to the dumpster behind the garage. Your damage/cleaning fee will be used if damage is found or if the facility is left unclean. You will also be held responsible for any costs in excess of $500/$750 which are necessary to repair the facility.

You must pick up from the CDD Manager, 48 hours in advance of the event, a key card to gain access to the lodge. The key card must be returned at the conclusion of the event. Failure to return the key will require re-keying of the facility, which will be done at your expense.

Please see our Rules, adopted March 21, 2016.

Photograph of the lodge tables and chairs